By clicking this button, on the TinyMCE editor, you can transform your page into a gallery page (the galleries are like categories, but for the portfolio items). You can decide what gallery to display, whether to display the filtering area (pay attention: the filtering are is displayed always at the top of the page, below the title section, it doesn’t matter where you put the shortcode… so you can’t use the shortcode twice on the same page), how many items per page, whether display the title of the items and the excerpts (or how many words for the excerpts), the icons on the “hover” state and if you use an infinite scrolling button or the more classic page navigations numbers.

[ pix_galleries galleries="all" order="true" sorting="true" amount="3" titles="true" excerpt="15" more="true" topage="true" box="true" pagenavi="infinitescroll" ]
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