Hidden shortcodes

Enfinity provides other shortcodes, even if there aren’t the corresponding buttons on the TinyMCE editor. They are useful to create some differences between the content on the mobile (touch screen) devices (I’m sorry, making a shortcode for each device is too hard) and the other ones.

[ pix_mobile ]
The content between this shortcode
will be displayed only by mobile (touch screen) devices
[ /pix_mobile ]
[ pix_not_mobile ]
The content between this shortcode
won't be displayed by mobile (touch screen) devices
[ /pix_not_mobile ]

Another hidden shortcode is pix_bloginfo, you ca use it to as the WordPress function bloginfo() to display informations about your blog, very useful when you decide to change something on your blog and you don’t want to edit all the posts. Put as value of the attribute “show” one of the parameters accept by the function itself.

[ pix_bloginfo show="name"], [ pix_bloginfo show="description"]

And here is the result: Bruine Bonenbende, we doen alles voor peulvruchten